TP-Link ER605 Capabilities

Is the TP-Link ER605 able to run (as a router) a 1GB symmetric PPPoE connection and AdGuard Home at the same time?

I'm planning on buying it for that specific use but I'm afraid it might not be powerful enough for that job.

I wouldn't try that combination, not with 256 MB RAM and mt7621a.

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1GB downstream without PPPoE and stock FW (OpenWRT barrier breaker) is ok,
But as @slh said, all together, I doubt it.

I guess even the newer TP-Link M707 (MT7981), which is 3-times the prices, will not be able to achieve this.

Read this please: so-you-have-500mbps-1gbps-fiber-and-need-a-router-read-this-first

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