TP-Link EAP245 - Looking into adding external antenna's

UPDATE: Its not worth... unless you have a very specific use case to overcome the troubles...
Just buy and router/ap with detachable antennas or that come with UF.L connector or similar (made to attach an antenna on it)

To my opinion I think the TP-Link EAP245 antenna performance is kinda poor, my Archer C6U has a better range (it has external antenna's). Now I want to add external antennas on my EAP245.

The EAP245 has on the board 3x connectors (not sure what type they are) for adding an external antenna and I was looking for advice where to buy such antennas (it has to be capable to work with 2.4 & 5Ghz band) and if someone already has experience with such antenna's.

ant other advice is welcome :slight_smile:

(yes, i had to unbrick it...)

Those are Murata SWD rf test points, they are not locking and not designed to connect an antenna.


This is usually caused by placement in the room, setup, broken hardware or “way to big expectations”.

But “in working order” the antenna performance isn’t bad on this device.

TY for responding, just learned something :slight_smile:

I have learned that it could be used, not as intended, like OpenWRT :smiley:

The test point has an indent so that something can have a grip on it!

Found some documents;

Test point diameter: <2.15 mm

Fount the Test connector, page: 7
Part number: MM8130-2600


  1. The microwave coaxial connector with switch is very
    useful for electrical characteristics measurement of
    microwave circuit for PC, tablet and cellular phone.
  2. Size 2.5x2.5x1.4mm (LxWxH), Occupation area 6.25mm2
  3. Excellent characteristics, low IL 0.2dB max. (@6GHz)
    V.S.W.R. 1.3 max. (DC to 6GHz)
  4. Connector durability is 100 cycles with probe.

Found a video (background information):

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