TP-Link EAP220 - no image

Hi Guys!

I do have a EAP220 from TP-Link and wat to flash LEDE onto it:

But i dont find this device at your database, only this one:

and a EAP300 image here:

is it possible to flash the EAP120 image on my EAP220? in the forum i read there were signing troubles...
at the tp-link website you can find gpl code for the EAP220:

need your help! :slight_smile:

TP-Link are blocking Third Party Firmware on the EAP products;


you can use this
to deactivate the checking for signature. Works for the EAP120 at least (use []( this for the EAP120). LEDE 17.01.2 is working well on the EAP120 after "downgrading" with the Firmware mentioned above and flashed the factory.bin

I will try and flash the LEDE release for the EAP120 to the EAP220 later.
The ultimate goal is building a mesh with batman-adv, working on the config right now


the EAP120 image would not flash to the EAP220.

Would be realy nice to have on for the EAP220.