TP-Link CPE510 V1.1 bricked, trying to read recovery.bin and vmlinuz during TFTP recovery


after flashing back from openwrt to original firmware the cpe510 became bricked.
i have tryied to recover the original firmware through Tftpd32 but as i can see 
the Cpe510 asks for recovery.bin and vmlinuz again and again.

The proccess starts without having to press the reset button. 
Same thing happens when i press reset during power up.

The version of the Cpe510 is V1.1. 
i have downloaded the original firmware fron Tplink website and vmlinuz from

Bellow you can see the log of the Tftpd32

Connection received from on port 4009 [16/03 09:46:08.656]
Read request for file <recovery.bin>. Mode octet [16/03 09:46:08.656]
OACK: <timeout=5,blksize=512,> [16/03 09:46:08.656]
Using local port 2384 [16/03 09:46:08.656]
<recovery.bin>: sent 9643 blks, 4936747 bytes in 1 s. 0 blk resent [16/03 09:46:09.812]

Connection received from on port 2340 [16/03 09:46:13.125]
Read request for file <vmlinuz>. Mode octet [16/03 09:46:13.125]
OACK: <timeout=5,blksize=512,> [16/03 09:46:13.125]
Using local port 2385 [16/03 09:46:13.125]
<vmlinuz>: sent 2598 blks, 1330140 bytes in 0 s. 0 blk resent [16/03 09:46:13.453]

The copy process trying to start but then a "resent" process starts and the ap reboots.
i have also tryied to connect through ssh to but nothing happens.
Can you suggest anything else before doing more complex things like jtag..etc ?

thanks for your time

did you read the part of the recovery section, at , mentioning vmlinuz ?


yes i did.
it was supposed to write the flash but instead of that the cpe510 asks for recovery.bin and vmlinuz again and again.
the copying process ends very quickly. the same time it starts. no bytes transfered at all.


sorry, I just realized it actually requested both files.

try to serve the vmlinuz file only, not both.

i did this also.
same thing happens.
is it ok to use this vmlinuz file provided on that webpage or i have to use an other one for Cpe510 V1.1?



any other ideas???

I have the same problem with a Pharos 210 and I didn't find a solution

hello Yosy, if you manage to fix it please let me know

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