TP-LINK Archer MR200 AC750 Modem Router as Internet Gateway

Has anyone setup a TP-LINK Archer MR200 with a 4G Sim as an Internet Gateway?

Any hints/tips on getting this working?

Isn't that what it's supposed to be used for ?

note, there are several versions of it.

I was looking for a howto on installing OpenWrt on one of these and came across this:-

Just wondering if there is an update....How do I tell what version number is currently installed?

Oops just posted the same link.... Sorry about that.

the v1, v2, v4 etc are versions of the device, not the OS.
There's a sticker underneath it, where the version's displayed.

Many thanks, mine has v4.1.

Is there an on-going thread about using one of these routers?

I don't want to start asking question which may have been covered in such a thread.

Currently, not supported

I've just come across this common problem re: SIM card not found. I thought it only occurred when changing a SIM card, but it isn't. It just seems to happen haphazardly. I was OK for several hours today and then suddenly get messages about there being no Internet. When log into the router it shows no SIM card found. The after a few reboots and/or power cycles things work again.

Apparently you can ssh into them but I haven't found the password yet. Does anyone know it?