TP-Link Archer d5, chipset is supported but device is not?

According to this page the chipset which my router uses is supported (Broadcom 6318 ( 333 mhz ) + Atheros cpu ( 750 mhz ) + 256 MB ram)

Yet my device seems not supported on this page
Do you think i can install openwrt on my router?

Thanks in advance.

No, you can't install Openwrt unless a specific device is supported.

"Install", no.
"Porting" OpenWrt to the archer d5, maybe - depending on the actual hardware (can't find it easily) and how it is wired up. In either case, you're very likely to face the same problem as the Netgear D7800 (router supportable/ supported, xDSL modem unsupported).

Archer D7 support here it seems d7 is supported.
Archer d5, d7 and d9 should be the same, only wifi differs.

DSL uses 6318 Broadcom as i said before, i am really interested in bufferbloat mitigation capabilities of openwrt

EDIT: nvm, seems like DSL is not supported, whatever...

greping through the sources for archer-d7 does not confirm that statement.