TP-LINK Archer C80(2020) - will it be supported?

Hello folks

I am planning to buy new wireless router and I wanna make sure it will be supported by Openwrt.

According to datasheet it has an Mediatek chip with quiet good 1,2GHz frequency.

Is there a reason or chance it will be supported ?


At least I can't seem to find technical specifications about this device easily (slightly hampered by using a mobile device), without those it's hard to tell.

1.2 GHz suggests that it shouldn't be the well known mt7621, mt7622 would be a more modern but still rather new (in terms of OpenWrt support) successor, but that's speculation without hard technical facts - and so would be guesstimating about OpenWrt support at this point.

If I unpack tp-link firmware will it give me more info ?

It seems to have a MediaTek TP1900 SoC (ARM).

Might be very similar to the TL-WDR7660.
Note 4 MB flash size and 64 MB integral RAM in the TP1900BN chip. Could not see the numbers on the C80 flash chip.
Though it is 3x3 MIMO on both bands this is not going to be a high-performance platform.

I have tried to extract firmware using binwalk and something jump on me...

in fimrware is record of Mediatek MT7626_EEPROM

according to this site
chip frequency and specs are same as on internet markets...

So is there a chance it will be supported ? Can I help somehow to get it into OpenWRT hardware table ?

TP1900BN and MT7626B(N) are different names for the same SOC, a single core (but two threads) ARM Cortex-A7 running at 1.2 GHz. It's still very new and as a whole not supported yet. What all known devices seem to have in common though, is the reliance on SOC internal flash/ RAM, which would limit it at 4 MB flash and 64 MB RAM - with those specs I see little (read, "no") chance of this getting supported. is a real problem - I don't see anyone wanting to put effort into supporting a new SOC, if all of its devices are below minimum system requirements and limited to that.

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I was also planning to get this one, but can't believe how empty the board is...

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