TP-Link Archer C7 v2 bricked when trying to revert to stock

I flashed Gargoyle 1.11.0 used in wireless bridge no problem. Performance was so poor, I wanted to revert to stock. I used TFTP64 to flash stripped factory bin, but the device bricked.

I have read every forum post I can find on this subject. Tried every file I can possibly find to flash over whatever exists in this device now with no success. TFTP64 appears to install at 100%, but the device will always bootloop.

Is there a file that will work with TFTP? I would prefer not to go the serial route if I don't have to.


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I have read every forum topic and comment I can find on this issue. I have flashed countless files via TFTP and still end up in the same bootloop state.

Does ANYONE have a legit copy of the friedzombie stripped file ArcherC7v2_tp_recovery.bin?

I would really like to have my router back.


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I Have the exact same problem...did you find a solution for this?


Yes, I was helped by a forum member, who provided a modified file that fixed my problem. There is a thread on this.

Thanks! is the image I am enclosing the part of the thread where the edited .bin file is?


Yes it is. Use TFTP to flash.

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