TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750, v4 though v5 was expected

hi All,

I recently bought the Archer C7 for my parents and hardware version 5 was delivered. Given its performance I decided to buy one myself as well, however the shop delivered a version 4.0. I went to the shop to replace it for the V5 model but they now sell TP-Link Archer A7 only.

Question: from a OPENWRT point of view, is the Archer C7 v4 model okay or should I really look for a V5 model?

I am not sure what to do since both support 18.06.2,, so perhaps the V4 model is fine but hoping you can advise me?

Seems like the C7 is replaced by the A7, and would you recommend me to return it to the shop and buy a A7? Since last December the A7 seems to support OPENWRT, Support for Archer A7

There is virtually no difference between v4 and v5, aside from the number of USB ports (two for v4, one for v5) - and the same holds true for the corresponding A7 revisions.

I have a V4 running OpenWrt. There is an 18.06.2 build for it. Use that instead of the trunk build that the wiki page links to.

You could help by updating the wiki page.

That seems a bit counter-intuitive! Reducing USB ports to 1 doesn't sound like improvement! Not sure why they did it.

According to this, the difference is support for Amazon Alexa (that would matter only if you are using stock firmware I imagine? So it's up to you to decide if you want to have the Alexa option in case you revert to stock in the future, or if you prefer the two USB ports on the C7 (unless the version they have of the A7 have two USB ports also), and then there is the price factor.

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It's no longer a top-end model (ar71xx/ ath79 is end of the line, with ipq40xx/ ipq806x/ ipq807x being the high-end successors), so saving pennies probably makes sense to them.

Just keep in mind that A7 firmware is a snapshot, so bugs are possible until there is a release.

Difference between Archer C7 V4 & V5:

2,4 GHz antenna: internal
5 GHz antenna: external
USB: 2 ports

2,4 GHz antenna: external
5 GHz antenna: external
USB: 1 port

EDIT: ONLY V1/V2 HAVE INTERNAL ANTENNAS. V4 has the advantage of detachable antennas and more usb ports compared to V5, that's all.

okay thank you for your responses, I keep the Archer C7 (V4), don't care about the USB ports

@mk24: can you please provide the link where you are referring to (rather than using the trunk of the WIKI pages?

@Hegabo: Archer A7 and snapshot, I think I do understand the principle of a snapshot. Would expect that also for the A7 an official release will become avaialble within a few months, or is that not realistic?

Archer C7 v4 OpenWrt images

I don't know to be honest. I'm relatively new here and can't tell. I would expect that being a popular router it will be taken care of. But tut then again that's only my personal though.

Having said that, if the two routers are identical (apart from the flash layout), then there is probably no need to make a trip to the store to change it, and then wait for the release (though probably snapshot for A7 will be only different than the release of C7 in flash layout, so there is no big probability for bugs anyway).

When there is a new major version it should roll in all the new models that are present in the trunk.

I would think the A7 is similar enough to the C7 that once you have OpenWrt installed (A7 factory trunk) you could then force it to a C7 release build and call it a C7 from then on. But I don't know without actually trying it... It looks like they have the same partition scheme.

The only safe advice for now would be to stick to a master build until 19.03.0 comes around, which should be just a matter of weeks.

Forcing a c7 build on an a7 would be disastrous, as the partitioning table is different.;a=blob;f=target/linux/ath79/dts/qca9563_tplink_archer-c7-v5.dts;hb=HEAD

Someone on TP Link forums says that V4 has NAT bugged, see:

I was hoping that TP Link would publish the differences between the versions..

They optimized the power consumption passing from 2V to 1.5V (V5: (V4: Except from that, I think that they kept the same hardware.

I just got a brand new US ver 4.0, looks like old stock and I came to this thread with the same question before I open the box -- keep this one or try to exchange it for a v5. From the data sheets it appears v4 is clocked slightly higher (775 vs 750MHz) though I doubt it makes any difference in use, in particular that I'm going to use it as an AP. Maybe that's why v4 has a 2A wall wart vs 1.5A for v5.

Anything I should be aware of to flash OpenWRT on it? Should I first update it to the latest TP-Link firmware or just try directly with whatever firmware it has out of the box and see how it goes? I don't mind doing the tftp dance but if the web interface works, it's just easier.