TP-link Archer C60 V2 kmod_tun not built by default

I recently tried setting up one of these routers as an openvpn client gateway, but found that the 18.06.1 release build and snapshot do not contain kmod-tun .ipkg which is needed to install the openvpn client package.

I managed to set up a build environment and build the whole firmware including the missing package, but it seems to me that it should be in the build by default.

I don't understand the make configuration enough to submit a patch to change the default, but thought I would mention it here.

OpenVPN is not included by default.

I don't think any tunneling software is in the default image...why are you under the impression that kmod-tun should be added to the default image?

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I am now more confused. kmod-tun is a kernel version dependent module, which is part of the lede project. I have assumed that the ipkg would be available for each release of openwrt. If not, is there repository that holds the kernel-dependent packages needed to install the openvpn package, which is maintained by the openvpn team?

Is it expected that each user will recompile the kernel and kernel dependent packages for each release of openwrt?

# opkg info kmod-tun
Package: kmod-tun
Version: 4.14.63-1
Depends: kernel (= 4.14.63-1-67b897e79861d89c01af0fcee8f0f7e6)
Status: install ok installed
Section: kernel
Architecture: x86_64
Size: 15864
Filename: kmod-tun_4.14.63-1_x86_64.ipk
Description: Kernel support for the TUN/TAP tunneling device
Installed-Time: 1534745239

# opkg files kmod-tun
Package kmod-tun (4.14.63-1) is installed on root and has the following files:
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As am I, because you posted in the For Developers section...I was under the impression that you are compiling firmware.

YES. You will find the packages for your CPU/Architecture under each target directory.

You can also simply:

opkg update
opkg install kmod-tun

from the command line; in addition to install from the System > Software section of thr LuCI web GUI.

Not unless they're building their own firmware.

Also, SNAPSHOT should not be used for production use, it changes approximately daily!

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