TP Link Archer C6 v3 help!

Previously my Archer TP-Link router was working, I've used the setup of using ethernet cable from my router onto my computer while using a wireless bridge onto my modem downstairs.

I was advised to update my router so I updated the firmware using luci latest stable version available for my model, but once it's updated I was able to access the the ip address on openwrt but it couldn't connect to my wifi despite detecting it with 5ghz too.

The issue:

I was unsure of what to do so I changed Lan from static to DHCP and I pressed a red button which from a few tries couldn't get back to the openwrt website. Using

I tried checking what my ip address could be in cmd ip config but it was empty.

Any help of what I could do to help solve this issue?

you will need to have another (at least temp) DHCP in your LAN, providing IPs for the client and the C6, so you can change the config back.

or reset it.

I appreciate your reply, but I'm not sure how to change it back?,.

I cannot access the ip address anymore, my Google page says 'This site can't be reached' for my openwrt website for my router

as I posted ?

you told us, and you've been told how to fix it.

doubt google knows anything about your router, but your browser might.

Is there a specefic application I could use to temporary change the DHCP in my Lan so my router and pc could recognise it using windows.?

you're not changing it, you're temp providing one.

google gives

if you have more than one computer in your network, boot openwrt off a flash drive, it'll automagically provide a DHCP for your network.

Yes it's now working.

I now have access to my Openwrt website and it's automatically switched to Lan static address to resolve the issue.

Now when it comes to connecting to a wireless connection I head to network - wireless then connect to the Mediatek AC network and scan and find my modem, I enter my WPA Passphrase which is the password of my modem but then once it's connected I receive no Internet connection?.