TP-Link Archer C6 V2 - Revert to Stock firmware

Hi all, i need help with restore original FW, due to complaint.
Can you help me someone?


Hi. Welcome.

Can you access OpenWt or not?

Also did you see if this works with your router

OpenWRT gui is accessible.

Procedure they you found is not aplicable to C6.

If the procedure they mention is not working for you, you may try to contact them directly as they mention

For the other models we suggest you to contact us directly if facing the same problem.

I know C6 isn't listed, but thought it wouldn't harm to check.

Have a look through here under Return to Factory Firmware and also TFTP Recovery (De-Bricking). The page for different routers, but I expect the procedure to be the same (e that you would need the stock firmware for your router of course).

Try avoiding flashing using mtd and the likes, as this can easily brick your router if you don't know what you are doing. It's usually less risky to do it form the GUI or TFTP.

As @trendy mentioned, it's best to contact them to see if they are providing an easier or safer method. If not, then you can try the GUI or the TFTP methods. You may need to look into stripping the boot loader off the stock image.

Having said that, I must remind you that flashing firmware involves risk. If you have already, for some reason, flashed OpenWrt and it's working, I would suggest that you take you time to try it before deciding to revert to stock. If you have any questions about the functionality, you can ask here on the forum.

After flashing stock firmware using LuCI or tftp it is booting back to OpenWRT. Sysupgrade bricks it and it can be flashed to OpenWRT only

Got any luck with recent builds? I own Archer C6 too, I'm scared I wouldn't be able to revert to stock.

I solved the problem why I needed to revert to stock, so I don't know.

Is everything working okay? Do you have any issues with OpenWrt? Perhaps performance degradation or anything? I'm curious.

It was written that Wi-Fi is capped at 300 MB/s but I am wired to my PC and NAS...
Everything except setting up firewall (without UPnP deliberately) was a breeze.

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