TP-Link Archer C6 v2 EU low space

I'm trying to install OpenWRT Firmware.
what I've done:

  1. Via web-interface I`ve installed OpenWrt snapshot install (from
  2. Installed Firmware OpenWrt snapshot Upgrade

But when I try to install LuCi by using command:
opkg install luci-ssl-nginx its crashed cause of low space (I attached a photo)

v2 instead of v1 & v3 have only 8 MB Flash (my fault I don't check this when I bought %( )

Is there any way to install luci on v2? Could you help me?

Skip ngnix, use uhttpd?

Install stable instead of snapshot, and use the windows snipping tool...

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thank you for your answer!
Im not a professional on such things, but im trying to learn)

The reason I heave to install openwrt - is to configure my router working with OpenVPn profile and trying to tunnel all traffic through openvpn

to install stable I have to recover to OEM Stock Firmware? And then install stable via GUI?

could you explaing more about. "use the windows snipping tool..." what is about?

No you can use the sysupgrade command from cli, to flash the stable 22.03 sysupgrade image.

Google windows snipping tool?

Thanks ill try!

Sorry it not my native langue) its about making screenshoot instead of photo)
sorry for inconvenience, I`ve made this not on my Mac (so I made a photo)

Just copy/paste the text into your post instead of taking screenshots from it please.

The C6 v2 EU only has 8 MiB of flash if the wiki entry is correct. You will not be able (and should not try to) install anything relying on OpenSSL. If OpenVPN can use mbedTLS e.g. you might have more luck. You'll also need to integrate the packages into your image to save space, e.g. with an online image generator, installing them through opkg is less space efficient.

Hi. I'm also stuck with lack of space. I was following this tutorial:

But I've stuck on this command:
opkg install luci-ssl-nginx

I was using this:

Reason i was trying to upgrade was because original soft was freezing couple times a week. Which was annoying. Can You help me unbrick my device? I'm still able to connect via ssh.

Those are old instructions. Since this model is now included in 22.03, there is no need to use snapshots or install LuCI separately. Use the 22.03.2 image linked on the device page (see Boromini post above for link). Install using sysupgrade -n so it starts with a blank disk and default configuration.

Note that there are two versions of the C6v2 depending on the country of original sale. The EU or RU versions are 8MB but the US version is 16. Be sure to use the proper build for your hardware. The country code is on the bottom label next to the model number.

Hi. thanks for reply. My model is Archer c6(EU) ver 2.0 Should i use install url or upgrade url ?

If already running OpenWrt, use the sysupgrade file.

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Thanks a lot. It helped. GUI is working now :slight_smile: You are awesome!

You have to be aware of the size of the packages you want to install.

Ach yes. I didn't realize that the availbe space is huge. Almost as big as floppy disk. I've already wanted to use this router as part of wifi mesh. But since I have availbe 56KB of free space i can't install wpad-mesh-openssl. So This router won't do their job. I'm looking around about archer c7

if you use it as an AP, use the online image builder, to remove all the wan related packages, like firewall, ppp*, dhcp client (if you use static IP) and dnsmasq, to free up space, and (try to) add wpad-mesh-openssl instead.

23.xx will most probably be the last openwrt version for 8mb flash devices -

No. You should use wpad-mesh-mbedtls which takes up less space. And the fact that 22.03 is the last version for 8 MB ROM devices is not true.

don't tell me, tell @stamart :slight_smile:

wpad-mesh-openssl is too big (and heavy) for your device. Still you can use it for mesh replace wolfssl with mbedtls.

hmm. I can't see that package on my available package list

Because it has not been installed if it has no space. Try creating your own image here, removing any unnecessary packages.

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Typo, fixed, second last, 23.xx will be the last, assuming there will be a 23.xx.
If there isn't, 22.03 will be the last ,)