TP-Link Archer C50 v4 factory-uboot

Hi all.

Could someone share contents of factory-uboot, config, rom, romfile (/dev/mtd0, /dev/mtd6, /dev/mtd7, /dev/mtd8) from Archer C50 v4?

I'm also looking for information on making custom factory-uboot and firmware-uboot for this router. Can you point me in the right direction?

Do you have the device? You can backup/save those partitions from luci gui. For u-boot you can compile them from the tp-link GPL source code such as

Yes, I have the device, but need to get those partitions from another one.

I have (RU) version of the device. GPL code for (RU) has only kernel and rootfs sources without bootloader. Is it fine to use (EN) GPL code which has uboot sources?

It should be fine as long as the hardwares are the same, but just in case you flashed with incompatible bootloader, you should get an external spi programmer. A backup of your current flash should be handy as well.

BTW I tried to compile the u-boot for mt7620, it works but the ethernet failed, so I was not able to perform firmware upgrade by TFTP. Did not find the time to see why it failed.