TP-LINK Archer C50 v1 Install failed?

Hi Folks,

i am trying to install OpenWrt on my TP-LINK Archer C50 v1 using the factory EU-image from:

The upload works fine and after that the device reboots. Unforunatly the router seems to be bricked. When i power it on, i see this blinking pattern:

  • all LEDs on
  • Online LED in Orange
  • Power LED

This pattern repeats infinite. Unfortunatly all ports seems to be disabled. I dont get any link when i plug my notebook on. This happend to all 4 LAN Ports and the WAN Port. Can I do anything or is this device garbage?

Doesn't anyone have any idea what is wrong with the device?

Please let me know if I can dispose this device.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem - same model, factory EU image and the same blinking pattern. Have you resolved it in any way?

Or can anyone else please help?


OK, I'll answer my own question :slight_smile:

The right procedure was indeed to follow steps 2 and 3 from this topic - set up TFTP server with the recovery, place it into the router and then upgrade the current firmware using [router prefix]-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and LuCI web interface. The only thing that baffled me and cost me an hour was that the recovery made accessible, but the firmware upgrade somehow did not, my browser complained that it got an empty response. It took me some time to realize I could still use http://openwrt.lan to access LuCI - and that one works fine.