TP-Link Archer C5 v4 switch topology and VLAN configuration

Hi everybody,

I have intalled OpenWRT over a Archer C5.

I want create some VLAN and asociate some port to this VLAN, create other VLAN and asociate with a new SSID, etc.

In LuCI, when I access to "Network > Switch" to create new VLANs It show the next picture:

And I have some doubts:

What does it mean the message "Switch switch0 has an unknown topology - the VLAN settings might not be accurate." that appear in top of page?

Where can I find information about this image, what is switch0, what switch1, where I have to add the VLAN (switch0 / switch1), how many VLAN ID support this device with OpenWRT (from wich VLAN ID to wich VLAN ID, etc?



Switch 0 is the internal 10/100 switch for the 5 built in 10/100 ports of the MT7620 chip. In this model, those ports are not connected to anything. The C5 v4 uses a separate 10/100/1000 switch chip to support gigabit Ethernet. That switch is switch 1.

So don't change anything about switch 0 do all configuration on switch 1 as if it was the only switch.

Information about switch capability can be found with swconfig help on the CLI and/or looking up the chip specifications (RTL8367S)

@mk24, thantks so much by your answer.

So, Do you know what it mean the message "Switch switch0 has an unknown topology - the VLAN settings might not be accurate." that appear in top of page?

Why appears VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 created on both switches in a clear installation?



I don't know why a user interface for switch0 is even there. In this model the MT7620 chip will be configured to bypass switch0 and pass eth0 directly to the external switch1.

Wow, I never seen this sort of switch configuration on any of the Tp-links before, and I had had seen a few!

So, can I delete the VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 on switch0 and VLAN 2 on switch2?



Based on the other guys reply, I guess, you can safely delete those tags. As long as you have at least one active untagged port on switch1, you should be able to access the device to configure it further on.

The good thing if you mess something up, you can always reset the device, or reflash-it with TFTP.

Uuuuffff, I think that I can't...


Because if I try to Add VLAN, the VLAN appear over the two switches and I need fill all values of the VLAN, in switch0 and switch1. If I fill not the values of the new VLAN in both switches, when I save the config, It show me error.

On switch0 only permit me values of VLAN ID between 0 and 15.

On switch1 permits VLAN ID values above 15 but when I save the config, the VLAN ID on switch1 take the same VLAN ID value that I have put in the switch0.

After Save and Apply.

Other thing, If I delete a VLAN of switch0, it delete the same VLAN from switch1.

I think that VLAN 1 is associed to LAN Interface and VLAN 2 is associed to WAN / WAN6 Interfaces, if I delete VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 on switch0 It will delete both VLAN from switch1...

And finally, every time appear this error message.

Can be all a firmware problem?



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