TP-Link Archer C3150 with LEDE?

Hi guys,

Recently I was in Japan and brought a TP-Link Archer C3150 v2 for me, I had the surprise of buying a router that works only in the Japanese language so I decided to go for an alternative firmware for it.

The problem is that I did not find information about C3150 in LEDE/OpenWRT database so I figure that I'll have to start from scratch, right?

I am a sysadmin and I have good knowledge with Linux, I know I have to get a VM ready and download some repositories, but I have not yet found a "LEDE for dummies" to start from there, can anyone help me? :smile:

Still reading the documentation but would like to leave this thread active even so others can interact and consult later, every help is welcome.

Best regards.

Wikidevi shows that it is a Broadcom device...

Not likely to get support. comes closest in terms of SoC + WLAN hardware.

For adding support for the C3150, the git commits which lead to support for the DIR-885L could be a start:

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