TP-Link Archer C20 different Versions

Hi there,

according to the compatibility list I'll need a Archer C20 v1 or v4 to run OpenWRT.
What abaout other versions, especially the newer v5?
Is it "just" a matter of compiling a suitable binary or is the hardware too different to run OpenWRT?

THX in advance

v5 is not too different from v4 at all

Okay, that sounds quite promising.
Has anybody got a v5 C20 up and running?

Do you already have a v5 or do you want to buy a v5?

I ordered a device without knowing which hardware revision it will be. But I suppose I'll get rather a new one.
So I asked just in case.
And I will share my experience, of course.

The C20 arrived today. It's Hardware Revision is v4.1.
So I'll give it a try now...

Well, it's running OpenWRT now.
I just have to figure out how to configure it correctly. I'd like to use the router as a wireless client for several devices attached to its LAN ports.

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Great to hear you got it installed ok. I’d suggest starting a separate thread if you still have further questions or issues to solve.

That's fine for me.
I found some older instructions for configuring a Wifi Bridge, managed to figure out what had to be changed and got my new bridge happily running now.

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