Hey , my router is bricked, after i flash stock firmware from openwrt directly.
Now the router is just blinking all led on and off continously.
and then i try to access using ttl and putty.

i put command : tftpboot 0x8010000 tp_recovery.bin
nothing flash to router.

and can't flash from tftpd software


Hello? is poeple have same problem? or this is new problem on tp link archer c20?

Hi there

I could create Stripped firmware for my router when I watched this video from youtube

if you need dd.exe, I send you a direct link to download it

Note that shortly after posting that video, that poster started

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I sent you some instructions above, Creat Stripped firmware then flash it via tftp not serial port which firmware does your router support? US or EU? 4 or 5?!

Please confirm that your device isn't having WiFi issues?

If it is, I believe it's in poor taste to suggest a process to someone that broke your router.

No it doesn't have wifi issues
when I go back to openwrt wifi works fine but it doesn't work when I revert it to stock firmware
Seems something is missing in original firmware

Or your process of flashing back to OEM overwrote something critical

It could be but I went back to OpenWRT again and configured wifi,it works fine
do you know how to enable 5Ghz band?

Please open a new topic for this question (which is unrelated to unbricking the device).

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can you also please PM me the stripped firmware to go back to stock?