TP-Link Archer C2 AC750 is not booting

Hi All,

Install successfully prebuilt snapshot image from the below URL:

Added LuCI, tested and decided to flash it back to the stock firmware from the official website directly from the UI

It gave me a warning message> clicked proceed anyway (may this was not the smartest move).
After the reboot router stopped responding to the pings and all LEDs blick periodically (please see video below):

Is there something l can do in order to recover this unit?


Please read the corresponding device page in the wiki about recovering this device. Judging from your explanation and the described firmware format/ mtd partitioning, it's very likely that the radio calibration got damaged (which would imply that you'd have lost wlan support permanently, but that's something to consider once you've recovered basic device functionality).

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Hey @slh

Thanks for getting back to me. I will give a go with TFTP recovery method and update this thread


Mate it worked! It looks like l have posted a noob question (forgive me):

Do you perhaps know how l can go back to the stock firmware?

The device page (also) explains exactly that.

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