TP-Link Archer A6 V2 build?

As per commit;a=commit;h=d03aae1a09fce5a5d5747855bc07ee1f54388e03 , it is assumed A6 is same as C6.

Thus, I bought one A6 V2 and tried to flash openwrt-ath79-generic-tplink_archer-c6-v2-squashfs-factory.bin through the router web interface, which result in "Invalid bin file". Probably because it is for C6 V2 instead of A6 V2.....

Any .bin build for archer A6? Thanks in advance......

Edit: Cause I am tired with TP-Link C1200 random reboot issue.....and decided to get A6.....only to discover A6 IPv6 firewall doesn't work even with TP-Link latest official firmware Archer A6(US)_V2_190403 which supposedly " Improve the security of device. " Strangely enough with A6, it doesn't seem like I can enter TFTP recovery mode. I can enter C1200 TFTP recovery mode just fine.

So far the Archer c7-v5 and the Archer a7-v1 were identical hardware, but with different partitioning (and maybe different LED configurations), so they do require different firmware images for both devices (aside from the differing hardware IDs encoded in the firmware header). Even assuming that the Archer a7-v2 would be similar to the a7-v1 or c7-v5 (which is not given), trying to force one of their images on the Archer a7-v2 would be very dangerous, with a high chance of permanently bricking the device.

I know that, which is why I tested if the tftp can show "connection received from......." first before I uploaded the C6 firmware to A6 via router web interface. Just in case if something goes wrong. Too bad it showed "Invalid bin file". I wasn't going to force C6 snapshot into A6 via TFTP.

Thus, will there be snapshot for A6 soon?:grinning:

I'm aware of at least 2 variants of A6 v2. There's A6v2(EU), which has the same firmware layout as the C6v2. This one is likely identical to the C6v2(EU). There's also A6v2(US) which has 16MB of flash and has a different partition layout. TP-Link's GPL source also points to different LED/Button configuration. It's probably not difficult to add support for both a6 variants. Note that there's not easily accessible serial console on the board, so if you brick it it might be difficult to recover it.

K then......I shall wait for official openwrt release for A6v2(US) are able to scare me into not flashing snapshot even if there is one available......can't afford to brick it.

Meanwhile I have to disable IPv6 due to lack of firewall on official TP-Link firmware. Sigh.....

Oh? Seem like there is a concentrated effort to add support for A6 V2.

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