Tp link ac1750

Before install openwrt i test my network and i receive 600mbits....

After install openwrt my test drop down and i got 195 mbits

This normal ???

AC1750 is a bit ambiguous, but I assume you're talking about the archer c7 (v5) or a7, in which case your results should be just about right. The QCA9563 is a single core mips 74Kc, running at 750 MHz, which is not that fast and good for up to ~150 MBit/s.

The OEM firmware however is using their custom netfilter bypass (roughly similar to software flow-ofloading, which you can enable on OpenWrt to optimize the throughput) and hardware NAT acceleration (not available on OpenWrt), to achieve higher throughputs under ideal conditions.

If you do need faster speeds on OpenWrt, this router is the wrong choice and you need to go with high-end devices (careful, there aren't that many options above 500 MBit/s, even among high-end devices) instead.

Hello stallon,

600MBit/s between eth and wifi?

I can reach download speed (wire to wifi) up to 37MByte/s (about 300MBit/s) and upload speed (wifi to wire) of 56 MByte/s (about 450 MBit/s).

I am using Archer C7 v2 with latest OpenWrt 19.07.3 r11063-85e04e9f46.


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I've heard about issues related to native hardware NAT on this router (I have the TP-Link Archer C7 v5), and have hesitated putting on OpenWRT due to throughput issues. Most of the evidence on the forum is anecdotal. Has this been officially concerned?

I am guessing this chipset is not unique to this model, and so there must be other routers which face a similar issue -- if it in fact is an issue.