TP-Link AC1750 V5 PPPoE settings

Hello Everybody,

I've had this router before I moved house and never had it set up, I've managed to get openwrt 19.07 without issue, my problem comes while trying to get it to act as a router, I've seen so many different things and read so many different things that I really don't know what to believe.

From my understanding:

Pass: null / bt

But I've seen Vdsl mentioned but I cant see this on my 1750?

Dont worry about the networks xD, I'm just tryong to get it to connect...

So does this mean I dont have a router and more of a switch?
When setting up the router where would I config the dsl 'dsl'

Visit the modem and confirm it is in bridge mode, like this SR501 example: Setting the SmartRG gateway into bridge mode |
Here is another link: How to connect to Smart/RG SR501 modem that is in bridge mode? - TekSavvy | DSLReports Forums