TP-LINK AC1750 A7 problem

Hi, I have a A7 model instead of C7. I only see C7 model on the webpage, however, the only difference between these two model is the number of usb ports. Thus, I wanna ask if I can use C7 firmware with my A7 model ?? If so, since there are multiple versions, I wonder which one should I use..

Thank you

It's not supported, which shouldn't come as a surprise as it's not listed in the hardware table either.

Given the similarities to a supported variant, it might be relatively easy to port OpenWrt to it as well (new hardware IDs, check flash partitioning and the OEM update format, etc) - or it might be difficult (changed partitioning, potentially locked bootloader or signed upgrades), but that is something that can only be answered by someone with the device on the desk.