Tp-Link 901ND V5

dear all,
i need to install openwrt on my almost 20 pcs of 901nd v5.
please guide i did't find the image

please guide


Firmware OpenWrt Install URL:

these tiny builds contain web interface ???
please guide @lleachii

yes, for heavy usage just put a cron 6 or 8 hour reboot for such tiny flash
device in use here too and working good with luci

ok thanks @lleachii and @ZOzo thanks for your kind reply please can you give the complete command of cron and where to insert


See: to set the time.

The command would be: sleep 70 && touch /etc/banner && reboot

@lleachii @ZOzo
i tried to update my TP AP 901ND V5, with openwrt tiny image but it gives error 18005 the version of upgraded image is different. even i have changed the name to same as factory firmware name
please guide