Tp link 8980 Ver 1.1

hello everyone developers
we have a problem for installation openwrt for tplink TD-W8980 ver1.1 my Modem does not accept OpenWRT firmware please help and quid me. ver 1 and ver 1.1, not difference hardware only in ram

As stated on The Wiki:

As your screenshot states, you are on a firmware dated 2015-05-14. That means no flashing through webinterface for you, your only practical option is a serial connection.

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thank you for helping now we have other problem after login n serial connection need installation firmware i am not understanding for correct command please help me


What are you trying to achieve with that?
You need to do this from you desktop pc and not from the router...

Read the section uart boot here:

But i would first try to flash it from the oem fw... If this does not work you could try uart boot...

@juppin is correct. The cat u-boot.asc line needs to be done from the machine connected to the router, not on the router itself. (We've also already established that the OEM firmware is not a viable route.)

You need to put your router into a state where it accepts another u-boot file pasted in via serial, that's done by shorting a specific point to ground before booting, if I remember correctly. Your screenshot indicates that your router has already booted beyond that point.

Finally, copy u-boot.asc ... is a Linux command. It's harder (but, from own experience, certainly not impossible) to do it from Windows via putty: You need to open the u-boot.asc file in a plain text editor, copy it into the clipboard, and then at the appropriate time paste it into the serial console using Shift+Ins.