Tp-Link 703n and 3020/3040 upgraded

Hello, as I can see - there is no support for Tp-link devices in new release.
This is referred because they originally have 4Mb of Flash and 32 Mb of RAM.

There are manuals in the device descriptions and many users made upgraded versions.

Most typical: 16Mb Flash and 64Mb of RAM and there are a lot of such devices - is it possible to include them in the build ? Or the only way is to generate custom images :frowning:

Custom hardware, custom images

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Could it be possible to use Image Builder 19.07 to produce image for 16Mb mod WR703N ?

I'm actually trying to create a custon image with the image builder.
So far I figured out that the


that you can find in any guide in the wiki doesn't work. It has to be


But I'm stuck at configuring what packages should be used. It seems like it should be possible to write

PACKAGES="foo -bar"

where a package foo would be added and a package bar would be removed. However options with - don't seem to work anymore. Did anyone get this part to work? I'd like to try and then modify the hardware of my router as well.

Let me introduce a solution.

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