TP-Link 1043ND bricked=


i have a TP-Link 1043ND HW-Vers. 3 with OpenWrt, which worked well for several weeks.
But yesterday it was not reachable anymore via WLAN and Ethernet. So i installed a Console-Cable to the serial port to watch booting.

This is the output:

U-Boot 1.1.4 (May 14 2015 - 19:51:26)

ap135 - Scorpion 1.0DRAM:  
Scorpion 1.0
ath_ddr_initial_config(178): (16bit) ddr2 init
tap = 0x00000003
Tap (low, high) = (0xaa55aa55, 0x0)
Tap values = (0x8, 0x8, 0x8, 0x8)
 4 MB

There is no further progress and the Console does not react on any input.

So my Question: Is the device bricked or is there any chance to get it working again?


Any reaction to TFTP ?

Can you interrupt u-boot by spamming the console with tpl repeatedly?

i did monitor the Ethernet-port on my PC with wireshark while connected to LAN1 of the Router and did not see any packet.

Well, I have a bad feeling about having no reaction to TFTP and only this tiny console message at boot.

This is the same feeling as mine :frowning:

No, no reaction at all.

TP-Link is known for cutting the tx line (or pulling it down to GND), maybe check the PCB close to it.

…that said, the tl-wdr3600 in working condition tends to sell for 10-15 EUR on the used markets, maybe a better option (unless you want to step up towards wifi5/ wifi6, which isn't necessarily much more expensive).