Totally helpless with WRT3200ACM and VLANs

Hello everyone!

Could someone please help me with setting up VLANs on WRT3200ACM. I'm totally lost. :frowning: I can't make even the simplest setup work, even though I've read through the documentation. I also watched the OneMarcFifty's great video on Youtube. AFAIK I'm doing everything right, but it still doesn't work.

So here's my VLAN config for the br-lan device. As you can see it can't get any simpler. I'm sitting at the lan4 port with my laptop while doing this.

Here's the bridge ports list:

However, when I press save & apply I get kicked out from Luci and have to wait for the automatic rollback to fix the situation.

My goal is to have a couple of VLANs defined for different purposes, but since I wasn't able to make it work, I decided to try with the simplest possible setup first and then work from there.

What is it that I'm missing here?

You are editing the lan network you are connected to so its obvious you can't connect back unless you use the specified vlan tag that is 1 in your case. Try creating other vlans rather than modifying the brlan bridge.

Thanks! I'm definitely going to try that.

I guess I've seriously misunderstood the "Primary VLAN ID" selection, then? I thought it would tag any untagged ingress packets with that VLAN ID. But If this is not the case, then what is the Primary VLAN ID setting for?

Again, thanks for the input!

Alright, I finally found the time to really get into this. And I figured it out! Just posting here in case someone else makes the same mistake.

My mistake was that I tried changing the Bridge Ports list of the br-lan device (the 2nd picture in my first post) to contain only the newly created Software VLAN port. That was a really stupid thing to do.

Instead, what I had to do to make it work, was to change the device of the LAN interface to be the newly created bridge VLAN device, like in the following picture. This one differs from the previous pictures in that the VLAN ID here is 100, which is what I actually want it to be.

Now everything works as it should.

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