Total available memory is low

Hi, in openwrt 23 rc4, total available memory is 3% to 5%. but in openwrt 23 rc3 it was 9-10% and in openwrt 22.03.5 it was 15% -18% .
now my question is - is 5% total available memory bad for my router? will it affect my routers performance?

my router : tp link archer c60, flash 8mb and ram 64 mb.
cpu: qualcom atheros

Half your ram is used to create /tmp, this is a ramdrive for stuff that does not survive a reboot. As you can see, you're only using 3% of the allocated /tmp space.

I believe this view is a bit misleading. If you connect via SSH and run free or top, you will see your actual memory usage is much lower. I think the empty space in /tmp is available.

You can reduce the space allocated to /tmp by using info in this discussion:

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