Toshiba Wireless SSD Crashes on reboot

Model number of the device is HDTQ112XCWF1. If you go to the support page you can see it uses Uboot/MIPS kernel on a MT7620A chip. Opening the device there are exposed pads for a ethernet connection and serial.

I can tftp flash a custom compiled LEDE kernel and boot. However if I reboot, the serial monitor gets up to the point where it recognized a MIPS Kernel, kernel version and address. Then it complains about bad CRC, and freezes. There are not blinking lights after this point, and no serial output. I don't really understand why it would be complaining, since I could boot it previously without complaint.

I'm thinking my next step is going to be trying to flash a different version of Uboot directly to the SPI storage, and see if it's just Toshiba trying to lock stuff down.

Anyone tried this before and know the solution?