Tor over VPN + wifi

Is it possible to use a VPN connection and on top of the tor.I have a mobile router, the GL-E750 Mudi.
I want to enable VPN and tor on this router and distribute it via wifi.

Thank you all for your help, perhaps with links and examples.

Fortunately, I'm not too smart.:grin::rofl:

Presumably yes, it should be possible... but there may not be any value unless you are in a region/country that blocks access to most commercial VPNs (such as China, for example).

Where will the other VPN endpoint be? A commercial VPN? Your home? A business?

I want to use Surfshark, Expressvpn, Nord, etc. Openvpn + killswith

So yes, in theory the VPN could be wrapped in TOR, but to what end? What would be the benefit here?