Tor on OpenWrt

I followed instructions from here, but skipped NAT6 part
but after that there is no tor process running (htop) and also clients are going without tor.

Is the guide updated?

Where are tor related details logged?

No output.
I took screenvideo on my settings:

Solved that zone issue.
There is no Tor process in netstat -tunlp, so what's possible reason for that?
/etc/init.d/tor status returns running

Yes, I did but same.
I have Raspberry Pi 4B if this matters

I'm gonna flash SDcard and to everything from the start again :slight_smile:
Thanks for helping

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The how-to assumes that your downstream and upstream interfaces are properly assigned to the respective lan and wan firewall zones.


Works now :wink:
As a source firewall.xxx_int.src I was using an interface name (wifi_interface in my config), what we need is zone name (wi_zone in my case).

If I would have same name for interface and zone it would work, but at least now I know that src is a zone and not interface :wink:

Thanks guys!


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