Topology map from LAN structure

is there a possibility in openWRT to display the LAN structure in a topology map?
So that you can see the history of all devices in the LAN?
Like e.g. with unifi devices or AVM Fritzbox?
Thanks :slight_smile:

There is no such feature in OpenWrt. FWIW, the Unifi map is not perfect (and until recently, it was often broken).

This type of feature would require the existence of a standard (and open) reporting protocol of what is connected to each port of device, and then there would need to be a way of displaying that information in a GUI -- these are both not trivial. Unifi works best if you have a full Unifi stack because UI has implemented both a protocol and a GUI for this -- but these are not open and not compatible with other brands.

I have not tried it, but it is possible DAWN has something of this nature (I honestly don't know if it does or not).

Alternatively, although it won't really be a topology map in any way, you could just look at the arp tables to know what is connected.

No DAWN doesn't do that. It has a summary of which clients are connected to which AP across the network, but not how the AP link back to each other.