Too much memory cached

Is that fine what i got 1.19 GB memory cached and used since 7 hours uptime?
Usually i got full 3.8 GB cached for a 2-3 days.
Is that usual work?

x86 router.
Snapshot latest.

When a file is read/written, a copy of the data is kept in memory, and the amount of memory dedicated to caching files is what you see there. Depending on your usage patterns, that amount will vary. Also, the kernel will decide to throw some if it away, if it needs the memory for something else.

Unless you are experiencing issues, there is nothing to worry about.


Thanks for the answer! So it caches all free memory? And there is no difference i use 256 MB ram router or 4 GB x86 router? Even if i upgrade to 32 GB ram it will use all?

Yes it will.


There is an old saying in Linux that goes something like "memory not used is wasted memory". As long as there isn't anything better to do with that memory, every file that your system reads or writes will be cached.


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