TOH filter syntax?

The Table of Hardware, and the various ready-made views available for it, are extremely useful. (A big thank you to those who created it!)

However, although the "Using the Table of Hardware" section of the TOH pages gives a brief overview of sorting and filtering, I can't find anything that tells me whether a more advanced syntax is available for filtering, and if so, what it is. I have searched the wiki for such a guide without success.

Is there a page in the wiki that will tell me how to do things like:

  • filter with comparators (e.g. to find all supported devices with >=128MB RAM);
  • filter out empty fields (e.g. to find all devices that do have device pages);
  • use disjunctive operators (e.g. to find all devices that have Marvell OR Atheros CPUs)?

If not, is there a page elsewhere that lists this syntax?

(Incidentally, I wondered if the Dokuwiki "data" plugin might be what is powering the TOH, but when I tried the filter syntax listed at that page, it did not work on the TOH. For instance, entering >128 in the RAM MB filter field yielded a table with no rows.)


Have you seen this page:

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Yes, I did see that page, but although it demonstrates that advanced filtering is possible, it does not show how to actually achieve it.

For instance, that page filters for devices with >=64MB RAM, but if I look at the top of the "RAM MB" column, the filter box is empty: devoid of clues about how this filtering was done. Nor does the URL give any clues.

If you, or anyone else reading this, does know how that page was generated, please could you explain it here (or link to an explanation elsewhere, if one already exists)?

You can not use comparators in the filter fields. To use them, you need to create a new table.
See the data plugin documentation (or any ToH version) how to use filtering with comparators.

Ah, OK. Thanks for the explanation. Pity about not being able to use comparators in the filter fields, but such is life.

I guess I'll create a temporary table somewhere under the playground namespace next time I need to filter the ToH.

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