ToH enhance modem column

I feel like the modem column is lacking.
We have this nice filter page

but it doesn't include "4G", "5G" and "Mobile Wireless/Cellular network"

Why do we even offer and LTE and 4G when they are the same? :sweat_smile:

We could offer a second volume for speed which is the more relevant category anyway.

first column:
second column:
vdsl2 profile 35b (or 8b or 17a), adsl2

first column:
second column:
cat4, cat6, cat21

the first column should be multiselect, the second could be freetext, a third column could be for the modem chipset (qualcomm, quectel) or for whether they are setup via qmi, cdc or tty.

why multiselect for column 1?
There are multimodem routers out there like the FritzBox 5690 Pro that support fiber and dsl.

german telekom is offering hybrid 4g and dsl connections (and since this year also for 5g and dsl)

ok these routers might be niche and won't end up in our ToH, but I'd still prefer multiselect :slight_smile:

What are your thought's on how we could improve the situation?
Do we want a column for mimo or is that info for freetext columns/comments like in wifi currently?

also it would be nice if the "LTE Modem Supported" toh Page would also display the "device type" column.
let's say if you're looking for a travel router instead of an outdoor device with lte capability.