To improve ui make more options so we would need less ssh to change configs

to improve ui make more options so we would need less ssh to change configs

i would like to collab to expand luci project so less experienced users could tweak the router without going to ssh for example options in interfaces are few so you could not config completely via web ui but ssh

openwrt/luci: LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration Interface ( <-- knock yourself out.


thank you, will check

dont know where to start, can you please help me out? would like to contribute

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As it is out of the box there is very little that is not editable from LuCI or needed to edit for the average user.
It's when you start adding third party apps or start doing fancy stuff you need to start tinkering and to be honest many of us like to do that.

Proper integration in LuCI for dual Dnsmasq instances would be awesome though.

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thanks yes that is is, for gl-inet fork of openwrt we got fancy web ui for dns over tls , in pfsense we got fancy ui for snort or wireguard or tor

i would like to help woth my grain of sand by

beautizying and uifying - packages that does not have ui, also there is some small things to add in for example

interface, some things like change adapters to listen such interface cannot be done via luci but ssh

the point is to keep it simple (k.i.s), yet easy for advanced for tweakers

i would like to push openwrt for small , medium, big routers and make it a work horse for routers

much like the android for routers

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