Tmobile Internet AND xfinity

I have my xfinity internet terminated in the garage from where I feed into sections of home with two Cat6 cable and have OpenWrt (next to xfinity) and the other two OpenWrt are dumb access points as shown in the picture. The farthest access point is also next to a Tmobile 5G internet not connected.

Is it possible to have two gateways on this network but both are located 100 meters apart? How can that be done (if possible). I could put Tmobile in the garage and then do mult-WAN but the signal is very bad there.

Any suggestions?

Ethernet is rated for 100 meter runs. Do you have (or can you run) cables between the locations? If cables aren't an option, you can use a set of dedicated radio links to do it (I would recommend radios specifically designed for point-to-point links, not traditional wifi).

This can be done with VLANs on the cable. The AP devices in the middle which are also acting as an Ethernet switch will need to be reconfigured to transport VLANs through their internal switches on the main two cables. The main router will run multiwan between the Xfinity service received on a direct cable, and the T-Mobile service received on a VLAN on the "trunk" cable that also outputs the LAN to users on a different VLAN.

I assume the T-Mobile device has an Ethernet output, which you can connect to the nearby AP switch.

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I did run Ethernet in the crawl space but it was so tight and I don't enjoy going to either attic or crawlspace. My old home crawlspace is too tight due to hvac ducting. Connecting using wireless is a good idea and I had done a MWAN3 using that earlier with rev 17. Good suggestion on that....

Yes, the T-Mo box has LAN Ethernet interfaces but not sure if it supports vlan. However, if I hook that to the last dumb access point on say VLAN 50 mode untagged dedicated port and then turn the two Ethernet cables into trunks, I think it will work. I suspect, I will have to create the new wan interfaces called WAN2 (think this is default VLAN 2 anyway) and WAN50 (New with VLAN 50)..

Conceptually, its very elegant but I have never done this before. Time to read-up on VLANS... haha..

Love this suggestion.

The VLAN option is a good one, especially if things are already physically connected (or easily done).

Yes, I think VLAN may be best. Although, earlier I had found vlan not working very well in some openwrt boxes but I can check this out now. Also, even if TMO box does not support VLAN, I can make switch port native vlan 2 and manage segmentation.

Thanks. Will keep you posted.