TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occur within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)

When I will use a computer as a server in the office, my project is running and I want to connect to the project port from a device connected to a different network by installing Open VPN on this server. I installed Open VPN on both server and client side but I get TLS handshake error.
How can i fix this error ?

First up, welcome to the OpenWRT forum. Feel free to stick around.

On that note, this is a forum for OpenWRT. Are you using OpenWRT somehow in your setup, for which you need help with OpenVPN?

No i dont use OpenWRT

Then you're asking in the wrong forum ....

Many forum members here use OpenVPN on OpenWRT and have experience in configuring and troubleshooting it, but the configuration and troubleshooting in question is based around using OpenWRT as the host platform.

Any advice we might offer about OpenVPN on other platforms might not be as helpful as you might like.

You may find this article useful:

You may also find better luck asking in the OpenVPN community. See both and

Good luck with your OpenVPN endeavours. And if you do decide to introduce OpenWRT into your life, then you know where to find us.