TL840N v4 LuCI double routers no dumb AP

TP-Link TL-WR840N v4
MediaTek MT7628AN ver1 eco2
OpenWrt 19.07.2
LuCI openwrt 119.07 branch git-20.057.55219-13dd17f
Kernel 4.14.171
OC Arch Linux

Hi, I have a two devices. Main router from my provider - internet work fine, when I use second (tp link) have strange problem after installing openwrt+LuCI.

What the problem: no internet connection.
What strange: when I press hard reset button, I have on few seconds internet on (to link) a second device.

I read handbook, looked on dumb AP instructions, standard instructions too and nothing.

Please, help me (

Your few seconds.of connectivity is probably the switch passing all traffic.

Have you configured the second router? Or is everything as default?

Perhaps both routers are configured on the same network range 192.168.1.x?

No, I never touch first device and change settings and I experimenting with ip addresses - nothing.
I use old ip and some other, this is not hard for me.

I think maybe this is interfaces or firewall, but all my manipulation nothin help.

If there are no address conflicts, default configuration should work about of the box. Perhaps you could share more details.

Some file configuration in /etc/config? - network - firewall

Why are all lines in your firewall config all commented out? It's the same as having an empty file...

You mean I need uncomment all?

No, that.file us full of (commented out) examples, that might or might not be adequate for your setup.

That is not how a default config file is supposed to look... either you deleted all the config options, or there is a bug in that platform.

Maybe bug, i send this config after hard reset.

Maybe you have any other wishes and tips on how to fix this?

Yes, you need a working "firewall" file, that is where forwarding is configured.

You can try to revert everything to default with "firstboot && reboot now", or reinstall OpenWrt.

Okay, I can do it later. Thanks for answer.

Okay, I done. I back to the old firmware) Thanks for help.

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