TL-WR902AC v3 - package recommendations (SMB, etc.)

Right, soooo... I want to use it as my "Travel companion", but also as an SMB-Sharing "NAS" for a PS2 and maybe DLNA&UPNP for some other stuff.

Any recommendations which server and packages I should use?

I also wonder what NTFS-lib I should use.

Obviously the device doesn't have much flash (8MB), so I want to get the "best bang for a buck".

With those specifications (8/64) and a 580 MHz single core mips 24KEc CPU, you're at the bare minimum system requirements for running OpenWrt to begin with. Advanced features (pretty much anything) will need considerably beefier hardware, on all fronts.

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While @slh is most certainly right about the hardware limitations, you can try the ksmbd package. It’s a very lightweight stripped down samba server that may give some of the functionality you’re looking for, albeit, at the mercy of your hardware limits.

Alright, I installed ksmbd, the "dashboard", attended systemupgrade, ACL configuration, some statistic-stuff and have ~1MB free when they are integrated via "attended systemupgrade". Let's see what else I can add.

Well be careful, 1MB isn’t much and can go by quickly. Depending on your usb port/s, you’ll need usb2 or usb3 package if you don’t already have it, as well as block mount and usb storage devices. Plus, you may need additional drivers so the usb can read certain formats, like exFAT, ext4, and NTFS. Filter usb in your software tab and take a look and find out which formats your usb hard drive/s are using.

If you haven't already found it, the Travelmate package might be helpful, for using in the travel router mode: I don't think it's very big. I have this router, actually got it since it was one of the development devices. Works very well.

Do I still need to have WPAD (full) installed for Travelmate? If not, I could spare quite some more memory.

Depends on your use case. Are you using it as a node in a mesh network or do you need WPA3 Encryption? If no, you could probably revert to wpa-basic and be fine.

Yeah, I need the WPA3-Support. I am using it "on-the-go" to access "PYUR Community" (mesh), hence why I ask if Travelmate is dependent on WPAD.

Then you’ll definitely want to keep it for the mesh/encryption functionality.

Hm... I'd like to connect some/a 400GB Micro-SD with a small adapter "permanently" anyway.

I heard I can mount a partition from there as the "writable/app-partition"?

THIS, right?

Can I have 2 partitions on it?
One (64-128MB) for that and one common ExFAT-Partition, so that I can easily access the Micro-SD from any PC/Laptop DIRECTLY?!