TL-WR841N V7 bricked using initframs image

As the title implies, I messed the aforementioned Roiuter flashing a initframs image via Luci web interface.... After searching through the Internet I stumbled over articles saying that the only way to restore it was soldering pins on the serial connector.

Now I'm not going to lie, I have no idea of where to even begin there, I know that the serial connection allows to restore the router via tftp (like in pretty much most if not all networking equipment), but is there another way to resue the device, thanks beforehand and sorry if I placed the topic on the wrong section.


Depending on the version, I think, it might be possible. Check this page

Having said so, please note that this device has low specs and isn't suitable for the current version of OpenWrt. If I were you, I would restore the manufacturer firmware, and get a better device for OpenWrt.

I saw that page before and yes, the device isn't powerful enough to run current releases, but librecmc releases images for <8mb flash devices and it works reasonably good so no reason to get rid of the device just yet, anyway, looks like it will remain bricked

It may support TFTP recovery. Hold down the reset button while plugging the power in. Keep holding the button for several seconds until the WPS light comes on. If only the WPS light is on that means it should be ready to accept a "factory" firmware by TFTP.