TL-WR841N V14 (EU) Stock firmware needed help

Since trying to install openwrt on the tl-wr841n V14 it got bricked and i would like to restore back to the stock firmware because the tftp method didnt work and i would like to use the sysupgrade method whoever i do not have access to a linux machine and the DD command if someone could make me a flashable stock firmware that would be amazing. Thank you Have a nice day.

For sysupgrade you need to have access to a working OpenWrt installation. If your device is really bricked you are out of luck here and have to use TFTP recovery or flash via serial.
I checked the wiki and they just talk about v13 and not v14, but the devices should be the same, just less flash and memory on the v14, so TFTP should work.

What did you do for TFTP recovery? I assume you use Windows.
You have to set a static ip ( according to wiki) under your network adapter settings. Just the ip, no gateway. Connect the device directly to your computer.
I used tftpd32 some time ago so I'll describe the process using that specific program, but it should almost be the same with others.
Open tftpd32, go to settings and set a base directory. Close the settings, set the server interface to Get your original firmware, copy it into said directory and rename it to "tp_recovery.bin".
Hold the reset button on your device on power it on, keeping the reset button pressed. Watch tftpd until your device shows up, pulling the file. You can release the reset button. Wait until your device reboots. Finished.

try this one

Ill try this one in a few minutes now!. Ill alert you if it worked or not.

Thats what i exactly did but still didnt work!! Whoever since you answered this smartly i have a question does the flash chip in the router contains the factory data or if i put a new one with a fresh boot loader and then try to install a fresh firmware will it work

It worked but what is this. This isnt stock why does it says ASUS

Oh sorry it s an experiment of mine - padavan fork of asus sdk (you can google it if you re curious)

Do you need any further help? It appears you've got everything working again.

The flash contains all the data you wrote to the device. So if you installed OpenWrt it will have OpenWrt on it (and some other stuff like bootloader).
The only time you should replace the flash, is when yours is damaged or you want to upgrade (hack) it to a bigger one. In every case you have to rewrite the flash using serial or a programmer.