TL-WR841N v13 WiFi not stable?


I tried both of them...they brick my tp!

I'have 2 of these and both have network trouble... I've kept original firmware.

If you don't mind, could you try testing your 841N with concurrent streaming devices and check how many devices could the original firmware support at once?

even with only one it can freeze. One is more stable but it's random... do not buy that thing !

look here Installing on TP-Link TL-WR841N V13

I'm refering to the original TP Link firmware for 841N. I did my own testing and the results are like 2X better than openwrt.

i'm on original firmware too. but there is trouble with openwrt so good chance it's just bad hardware

Using 18.06.1, custom build for wr841n v13. I find it's not usable. Cell phones see the SSID but are unable to connect until network is deleted and accesed again. Random disconnections... looking now for some rock-solid atheros-based devices, wr940n will probably fit the bill, as I usually build without luci nor opkg

This is a wonderful inexpensive and low power router, but....

I also have stability problems with this router using Openwrt 18.06.1. I have purchased a second v13 router to ensure it was not a hardware problem, but it has same problem.

I have the problem with BOTH wireless and with a wired connection. Sometimes established ssh connections will freeze and then continue. Often web browser sessions will fail to pull up pages. If you wait a few minutes then everything will work fine. Note all Wifi connections are short distance.

Hello @twinkleLED.

Felix Fetikau ( @nbd168 ) who developed mt76 driver from scratch, it´s making a lot of improvements last month.
I have a router with the same chip, and recommend you to try the latest version.
I have a compiled image for your router (Openwrt buildbot it´s not working since 31/10).
I can send to you, if you want.


This router seems to have the same wifi chip as C20 v4.
It's known it has problems with multiple SSID which has been reported to mt76 development on GitHub. Could you make a test to find out about instability and report about it as well ?

Ffredy, do you have a link the the multiple SSID report please. I want to make sure I do not miss anything before doing a report and that it gets seen by the right people

That's it -

Trying trunk now. There are quite some recent changes in this driver. Just tested that connection seems to work, disconnect and connect again seems to work reliably time after time with android and linux. Multi-SSID thing not tested. However, I had one "blank time", but it could be ISPs fault.

So I'll be testing in some more days...

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Where to download?

I have been trying the daily snapshot version from Nov 15.

This version still has wifi problems. After a while the connection drops and I can not longer connect to the AP.

OpenWRT build bot for MT76X8 it´s not working since 16/11, so you are not testing the latest driver improvements.

I have a build compiled today for your router with the latest driver.
If you want, i can send to you.
It contains the following features:



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Please share your build for test, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

@nw2619 , @twinkleLED