Tl-wr841n-v13 sysupgrade fail with 19.07.3


just trying to upgrade tl-wr841n-v13 from 'SNAPSHOT r11925-414d054138' to official '19.07.3' with 'sysupgrade '.
and it says:

Device tplink,tl-wr841n-v13 not supported by this image
Supported devices: tl-wr841n-v13
Image check failed. code here

i guess it is a simple wrong string matching.
but if i brick the device, i have to go a long way to recover it. this is why i'm asking:
is it, in this particular case, safe to do 'sysupgrade -F' ?

a simple "should be" is enough for me to do the jump.

thx and regards