Tl wr841n v11 packages delete issue

hello all

i install the lede firmware and its work
but i found out the the memory is too low in this device , i was wanna some packages but there was no space,

so i go to installed packages and start delete them now the router dont work just show me one led icon and can't open it in the browser or with putty

any suggestion how i could fix it or its dead now ??

If the packages were in the image you flashed, you can't "delete" them and gain back flash space. "Delete" for firmware just means that it is made inaccessible.

If you added them afterwards using opkg, then yes, you can actually delete them.

If you can't get the device to respond to ssh (which hopefully is running even if LuCI can't), then failsafe mode would be the next step.

You should also be aware that "4/32" devices are unlikely to be able to run LuCI, or OpenWRT in more than a very basic configuration. If you want to try OpenWRT without LuCI, I'd suggest trying a snapshot.

thank you sir i could get it back working, i use Tftpd

if you could help me with this

i have 240 kb free space in software menu and i wanna install these packages luci-app-sqm / sqm-scripts / sqm-scriprs-extra

is there's a way i could free more space for them ??

You can find the installed packages sizes at

Remember to include their "dependencies" if they are not already installed.

The packages themselves look reasonably small, about 20 kB. Probably another 200 kB for tc and the various kernel modules.

You might be able install them, but a system without any free space is asking for trouble.

You probably won't get much throughput with a 430-MHz, single-Ethernet device, and may end up crashing the system because of the limit of 32 MB of RAM. If I were to guess, and it's only a guess, I'd say that 50-100 mbps might be the limit, if it runs without crashing.

To free up space, you'd likely have to build your own image, removing LuCI at a minimum. My notes for an ar71xx build show LuCI adding about 330 kB to the build.

I don't know your urgency, or your budget, but you'll probably have a better experience with even an inexpensive new router. There are several that have tempted me in the US$20 range, but as I can buy a used Archer C7 for about US$40 here, I haven't yet bought one. There is a whole thread about inexpensive routers at

It's quite a long thread and I haven't looked at all the options. Of the recent posts, the ones that @RangerZ mentioned look interesting to me for the price. If that is an option, you might want to send him a PM to find out if he has personal experience with them (I do not own any of them).