TL-WR840N V5 cli support

How can i fix this how can i upgrade my open wrt.
luci gui is not installed i am just using ssh.
first time having this issue. and i reseted my router and unable to connect to my config file .so im notconnected to the internet. luci gui is not installed
that should i do
i am noob plz help!!!

If you don't use ssh for anything other than local routers, the easiest way is to remove the known_hosts file and connect again (you may need to first make a ssh instead of scp connection to allow you to update the key). This message means that sometime in the past you ssh'd to a device at with a different key.

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Did you follow the instructions in the screenshot?

Once connected via SSH:

opkg update
opkg install luci

how can i use my router ass switch
whar are tha commands of ssh to configer my router to switch

i dont know how to use ssh properly can u tell me command lines of ssh to remove my host

It already has a switch and is configured to use it. Also, it's easier to configure the switch on the web GUI. BTW, this has nothing to do with the SSH issue. You may wish to solve one problem at a time.

What does that mean?
Are you saying you cannot run this on Windows command line?

Just follow the instructions:


Just delete it via File Explorer.

ssh-keygen -R

will remove just that entry from your list of known hosts (at least with macOS or Linux).

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can u tell me in details how to do those i dont know how to do that
i am noob but i want to learn all those things

i am unable to connect to my config file via ssh(showing acess denied) for that my router is not connected to the internet.
so if i run thos commant thak not gona work

I advise you install the web GUI, then.

  • Clear the SSH warning in Windows
  • Connect to OpenWrt
  • Connect device to Internet
  • Run commands

If you don't connect to Internet, you will have to use a more difficult method to download and copy the new image anyways.

The warning you see comes entirely from your PC. When it sees the router has an unexpected new key it refuses to connect, because if you were doing ssh over the Internet it means you're likely connecting to an imposter machine.

ssh-keygen is a program on your PC that comes with ssh and can be run on the CLI to manage how ssh expects keys.


a new windows setup can solve this problem???

@fofiuu, you're making this quite difficult for yourself.

I would advice you do the following, in order:

  • Delete the known_hosts file in C:\Users\saad\
  • Connect to the router


Thnx bro i did it


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