TL-wr1043nd v3 Slow Internet Speed on 10/100 NICs

Hello, I am currently running LEDE 17.01.2 on a TP-Link wr1043nd v3. When I connect to the router on devices that only have 10/100 adapters in them I only achieve a download speed 50-60 Mbps on them. When connecting to the router on devices that have 10/100/1000 adapters in them I achieve over 200 Mbps (my full speed allotted by my ISP). I'm not sure if this is a NAT problem, I would not think so seeing as how NAT speeds are over 200 Mbps on 10/100/1000, a negotiation issue, or other. If anyone has any solutions or suggestions on how to achieve around 80-95 Mbps on a 10/100 adapter connected to this router using this firmware it would be appreciated. It has occurred with multiple devices with 10/100 adapters. SQM is installed but not currently enabled on this router as well.