TL-WDR5620 chinese

hi, please help with firmware selection, have got a chinese version of tl-wdr5620, menu chinese only, can't find any english firmware, please advise if wrt is available for it, many thanks

It's not in the ToH[Model*~]=Wdr, and as it seems to be a device targeted at the Chinese market only, I don't expect it will be supported by OpenWrt as develops well not have access to it.

Have you checked if there is an option in the firmware to change the GUI language?

hi, thanks for reply, have checked gui many times, no english option

Then I guess your best option world be to trade routers with a Chinese friend!

thanks, proceeding to the trade )

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It's the same spec as Mercury MAC1200R v2

Are you sure it's the exact same spec? Like identical device with different name? Because having same CPU and chip sets isn't enough. It sure makes it easier to port, but someone still need to do that, check layout etc.

Yes, exactly

So, i can just flash mac1200r-v2-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin and it will run well?

Have you flashed this firmware? Can this router run well?